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When Winfred King was struck with polio in the fall of 1941, his wife, Marie, and their family would face challenge in a way they'd never known. The denizens of their hometown--friends, neighbors, and family--took care of the Kings, and Marie began to thank them by making candy. This candy making would eventually turn into a profitable business and the Kings' livelihood.

From a small operation in their country kitchen with Marie and her three sons doing all the cooking and cleaning, to an in-town candy shop in a restored historic train depot with eleven full-time employees, Marie's Home Made Candies has become a historic landmark in West Liberty, Ohio. The store is known as much for its delicious candies as for its inspirational advent.

Marie King was a Career Woman out of necessity before the term became fashionable. Her strength, grace, and compassion set an example for all women--and men--today trying to balance work and family while surviving the various, albeit inevitable, trials this life brings. Marie's example is not how to survive, but how to endure, thrive, and shine.

Follow and be inspired by the Kings' journey through challenge, faith, and victory over three generations.